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Sunday 14 September 2014

Peace Initiatives

How to Have Peace at Home and Abroad

We are empowered to be effective in having a peaceful, harmonious and happy, existence as individuals, couples and families.  We do this when we utilize realization of our immense responsibility of moment-by-moment choice of thought, speech and action.  Paying attention to our under-dialogue, will give an immediate indication of our own contribution to global and domestic harmony or its opposite. Any thought or language of 'them and us' is the clue. This is how war is perpetuated. This then, becomes our contribution to that which we think we are not party to. Any time we righteously 'point a finger', no matter how apparently un-intense, we are guilty of war.
Each time we choose the kindest, simplest, most compassionate action with not an opinion as to what might be “most noble” or most  “useful" or “best for the planet”, we affect the fabric of reality in a way that weaves the cloth of creation with strong thread.
We all "battle" in our own private “Gazas”, “Syrias”, “Libyas” etc. all day every day, when we are having a view of “they and I”. The immense individual power we have to choose peace is offered us many times an hour. Each time we choose the kindest, simplest, most compassionate action with not an opinion as to what might be 'most noble' or most  'useful' or "best for the planet', we affect the fabric of reality in a way that weaves the cloth of creation with strong thread.
We are all responsible for, and capable of making, these constant optimal choices, all day every day, thus re-uniting our world. When we decide 'who is right and who is wrong' we contribute to trouble. Focusing on 'our own business' from inside our own thoughts, feelings and actions and not 'out there' at 'the messy world' can bring a positive ripple effect. Every time we find someone or something “wrong”, we weaken our personal and population’s potential for happiness. Every time we endorse another’s choice as valid for he/she (no matter how 'wrong' our belief system considers it) we stay out of that choice, thus we are not party to perpetuating it.
This is how from the comfort of our own homes we can effect peace. Piece by piece. Thought by thought.  We have become habitualized and hypnotized as the generations on this planet escalate in populace numbers. We have become desensitized to all manner of behaviour that used to be contained through tighter family units than are common now. As we all now live in a world of accelerated pace and compaction via technology, it can be sobering to pay attention to our own adaptation choices.
Create Conscious Simple Selection
We distilled decisions to come from the simple question of: “Does this enhance my/our rudimentary intention?” When a mutual focal intention is declared, it empowers action. We can observe this at work in our world in ways most of us are finding 'appalling'!
It is the same law, we are all empowered to utilize, moment-by-moment, for realignment with Mother Nature and as the Essence we all are. When we as individuals, couples and families, (and communities, yes, and this involves a greater melange of egos to go beyond!) consciously adopt and act out of, an edict based on simple 'can do' rather than anything in opposition to an apparently existing 'injustice', then we are utilizing the powerful Universal Law of Attraction in a way that will enrich both our own personal and family daily experience while simultaneously contributing to world peace.
Every time we 'point out the bad guys' and the 'bad ways', we contribute to global war. Becoming aware of our contribution and changing our personal thoughts, speech and action to be inclusive, is something we are all capable of.
We are All a Reflection of All
Once we can wrap our brains round the idea that 'we all contain everything' and we all “reflect ourselves to each other”, a vast step toward peace is reconstructed. Rumi said, "When I have a good friend I don’t need a mirror."  We tend to favour 'positive' input and feedback and reject what we consider 'negative' reprehensible', etc.  Once we can stay still long enough to know we all contain all, we are more likely to stop 'pointing the finger out there at others'!
Usually our domestic arena is the stage where this 'mirroring' is most available and most valuable. The heat in the home kitchen can be hot!  Within each subtle and gross enjoyment and rejection of another lies a gem of our own reflection! It is because we sift our experiences into the headings of 'good/bad' & 'preferred and non-preferred', that we perpetuate the separation that leads to misery and blame. Children are our best indicator of how to not do this. Most small children, when feeling secure, will simply enjoy each experience, like threading a daisy chain on a summer’s day. This is an attitude most useful for we all to choose as each day’s seeming hecticies unfold. Certainly I find this magical and when husband and I stumbled upon this way of enjoying our days, our laughter quotient increased exponentially. Hence the observation from others, that 'they must've just met', they can’t be that happy after 20 + years!" Yes we can! We all can!  All we need to do, is 'mind our own business' and know... “my business” choices do affect the fabric of reality.
Choose wisely.